Raw 100% Virgin Remy Indian Temple Human Hair are the best choice for Weave Hair Extensions and Braiding Hair.  Indian temple human hair is totally unprocessed and raw hair with cuticles intact in same direction. We collect our raw material directly from the donors who donate their hair to temples in India.

Best Quality Hair Extensions can be made only with Unprocessed Indian Human Hair combined with professionally skilled workers and proper infrastructure.

The collected Raw Human Hair is then brought to our factory where it undergoes varies stages and comes out as a Premium Quality Human Hair Extensions ready to be exported to all over globe.  It all starts with washing the raw hair using regular shampoo and dried  naturally in sunlight. The dried hair is then hackled to remove the short hairs from the hair bundles. After Hackle the bundles are weighed for 100 grams per bundle which can be used to make braiding hair and wigs. Same bundles are made into wefts which are used to sew in weave hair.

All the machine weft hair bundles are sent to our quality control team where each bundle is inspected for grey hair and nits which are removed manually by hand by our well trained  workers. Only those bundles approved by the Quality Control team moves to the final co-washing and packing department.

The Packaging department sorts the hair bundles by length and texture, where each bundle of human hair extension is labelled with respective length and texture for easy identification.

Human Hair Products We Sell

  1. Machine Weft Human Hair (Hair used for weave in)
  2. Bulk Loose Single Drawn Human Hair ( Hair used for Braiding and Wig Making)
  3. Clip in Hair Extensions
  4. Lace Hair Closures (4×4 Lace)
  5. Blonde Human Hair Extensions ( Including 613)